U.LU Games is professional Chinese mobile games oversea publisher. The main market is Korea, explore Japan and Southeast Asia. Variety of experiences as a Korean publisher, gathered know-how about Chinese mobile games into Korean market. Be peer recognized as an expert in Korean mobile game market. When you(CP) enter Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia, we want to be your best partner. In addition, we’re also seeking investment opportunities in VR/AR.


  • 2016《PIPATES CLASH》, 《HEAVEN KNIGHTS》, 《REXUE SANGUO M》 published in Korea
  •   moved to Xinyi City, Caohejing(07.14)
  • 2015《TAIJI》 published in China, 《REXUE SANGUO: Yeon-Hee》 published in Korea
  • 2014《KUNGFU BIRD》, 《PIZZA MASTERS》 published in China
  • 2013  webgame《SHANGGU CHUANQI》, 《REXUE SANGUO 2》 published in Korea
  •   PC online game《DARK EMPIRE》 published in Korea
  • 2012  founded U.LU Games(06.13)